White privilege is never having to spell your last name.

you… you’ve never met a polish person have you

I have to spell my name every single time I do anything no matter how many times I’ve been there and dealt with the same people.

As a Polish person…


I benefit from lots of white privilege, but in my experience living and teaching having to spell your name and skin color really are not linked.

As a Bohemian, this does not apply. My last name is simple and most people won’t attempt it.

Yeah, this is not a great example. I’ve spent a lot of my time spelling (and pronouncing) both my maiden name and my married name. Both Italian.

Okay I benefit a shitload from white privilege. A shit. Load.

My maiden name was fucking British for fuck’s sake and most of my teachers wouldn’t even try to pronounce it. They’d give up after the first syllable. (It’s two syllables.) We share a name with a goddamned governmental record and I can’t count the number of screwed-up spellings we’ve had.

Although I’m gonna say on that subject… white privilege does often mean not having people make fun of your first name, or claim that it isn’t a “real” name. 

Even white people who do have “made up” names (fuck you, all names are “made up”, just some longer ago than others; time doesn’t make a name more “real”) don’t have to hear their “made up” names denigrated as “ghetto” or dog-whistle shit like that.

“Smyth, S M Y T H.” “I can’t find you.” “S M _Y_ T H.” “Ooohh.”