you know what’s always bugged me? when a character is faced with some magical two headed being or some shit and one always lies while the other tells the truth and to figure out which is which the character’s like “which one of you is the liar” or something like bruh literally all you gotta do is be like “what’s two plus two” one of them’s gonna say four and the other one is gonna say 83 or some shit. there you go. answered. go on with your magical quest to defeat david bowie. 

That’s awesome. But only works if you either a) do not need any actual info from them or b) are permitted to ask them more than one question. 

The trope is usually combined with “you may only ask one question.” That was the case in Labyrinth. So, you ask your math problem, and yay, now you know which one tells the truth, but you still don’t know which of the doors leads to, y’know, killing you.

Yeah, I was thinking about that when I reblogged.

Pity Sarah didn’t have a weapon…