Okay, I’m intrigued. :)

The store finder is here. Sadly, the closest seller to Toronto is Premier Gourmet in Amherst, NY. I may need to check it out the next time I’m down there. :)

omg I would die. I would die.

…but what a truly wonderful way to go. <3

ETA: OH NO. The nice grocery store near my mom’s—the place with the actual vegetarian selection in Michigan, as well as the place with the entire giant wall of craft beer that I always fill up my duty-free allowance in—carries this stuff. GOODBYE FRIENDS I AM GONE

ETA 2: I just realized that I am going to walk into this store, buy 8.5 L of beer and 500 mL of cookie dough, and walk out. You can take the cow out of Michigan but you can’t take the Michigan etc etc



So, uh… road trip to SF?