The right way to sauce pasta

Video - Via Siz iOS app 

Rant over inbound. Put on your helmets: This is a perfectly valid way to sauce pasta, but you know what it isn’t? It isn’t the RIGHT way to sauce pasta. Do I know why? Because there is no RIGHT way to sauce pasta, and fucking food snobby assholes who tell you there is need to be punched in the head until your hand is too hurt to continue.
“But that’s how they do it in Italy.” They say.
No. That’s how SOME PEOPLE do it in Italy. Just like here some people in Italy enjoy their pasta drier with the sauce on top. Just like here some people don’t care for their pasta served in a puddle.
Stop fucking acting like there’s a perfect way to serve a dish and other people’s preferences are teh wrong. It’s really fucking annoying.