i’m marrying a boat. i mean, she’s a very nice boat.

but, y’know. still a boat.

I can ship it ;)

My phone background is fanart of Clint/Coulson. Does this mean I marry both of them or I have to pick? Cause if I have to break up my OTP, I’m not sure it’s worth it…

I mean look at these two:

Could you live with yourself if you broke them up?

Maybe in your case you marry them as in, you officiate their union?

“I now pronounce you, husbands 5eva. You may kiss the hottie.”

my phone background is an enderman from minecraft.

Trixie Mattel 😍 totally okay with this

My phone background is a closeup of a section of my own album art. Is that like a “married to the music” thing? I’m not sure I have the dedication for that!

I’m sure Great A'Tuin and I will be very happy together.