being rich would be so much fun, like aside from the obvious stuff, can you imagine going to a restaurant and being able to give your waiter/waitress a $500 tip for like a $40 meal? you could make people’s months without even trying

If only actual rich people thought this way instead of trying to pass shitty ass laws to fuck it up for everyone else

We went and got pre-con mani/pedis today. The first time I went to this place, just for a manicure, I was expecting it to cost $40-$50 per person. When I handed over my credit card and was asked if I wanted to add a tip, I asked what the total was. $30. For two people. So, I tipped $30. From the reactions, this had never happened before.

Today’s bill was $110 for three people. I only tipped 50%, and felt slightly bad about that.

So, yeah. being rich would be nice. Being comfortable and fiscally irresponsible isn’t all bad, tho.