I’m re-watching Captain America Civil War and-

They told Bucky to kill Tony’s parents without witnesses and he manages to find the probably only forest in the world with a random security camera by the road-side and kills them exactly in front of that security camera while looking right at said security camera when he disables it and also fails to make sure that the tape inside is destroyed how can you screw up so bad? 

imagine how many people Hydra had on staff specifically to follow him around, wiping cameras, picking up his 27 discarded weapons, paying off/killing that entire cafe he once strolled into at noon and shot a dude in.

the guy strolled down fuckin Main Street Washington with a grenade launcher, that “ghost story” reputation did not come easy.

I wondered that too - if he does everything like that attack on Fury how is he a fucking ghost-story? 

Imagine that’s your job like:

“Okay, you know how this works. We’re missing a rocket launcher, a mask, three hand-guns, the corpse of the target, two daggers with his finger-prints on them, the Asset’s mask and a helicopter. All of which are somewhere in [whatever city] and have to be retrieved in less than two hours. Go!”

“Ermm…boss? There’s another YouTube video.”

“He’s a brilliant assassin
they said. The best there is they said.”

For lack of a better explanation, I’ll attribute it to Bucky’s sub-conscious trying to make shit difficult for them.

*spooky sounds* i am a ghost story

was i even there?

u cant be sure

was that a breeze, or was it me?

u’ll never know…


I totally buy the “subconscious self-sabotage” theory.

Some KGB dude: Make sure you are not seen.
Bucky, tying the laces on his light-up sneakers: Understood.
Some KGB dude: …are you sure that is appropriate footwear for a mission of this -
Bucky: *buckles his belt made entirely of sleigh bells.*