I want to know the artists of these incredible sculptures!

1) Lorenzo Quinn– Force of nature 2)Fredrik Raddum– Trans ī re 3)Daniel Firman– Elephant(?) 4)Johnson Tsang– Kiss 5)Zenos Frudakis– Break Through From Your Mold 6)Paige Bradley– Expansion  7)Robert Glen– Mustangs 8)Ervin Herve-Loranth– Feltépve 9)Jean-michel Folon– (I couldn’t find the title)  10)Giambologna– Appennino  11)Adrian Gray– (couldnt find the title)  12)Darin Lazarov– Dragon Lovers(?)  13)David McCracken–Diminish and Ascend 14)jJason deCaires Taylor– (couldn’t find the title)  16)Han Meilin(he designed it anyway)– Guan Yu 17)Petrus Spronk– The Architectural Fragment  18)Eva Oertli and Beat Huber–The Caring Hand