PETER CUSHING on playing Grand Moff Tarkin in carpet slippers

They hadn’t got time to have my boots made for me, which is usually the case, because of my large feet, so I had to do with a pair out of stock. Now there I was, on the first day of shooting, this very, very cross, unpleasant gentleman, Grand Moff Tarkin, stomping around, and it was agony, it really was.

So the next day I said to dear George Lucas, the director, I said, “George, I am not asking for close ups, but do you think you could shoot me from the waist upwards from now on?” And he said “Why,” and I explained the reasons, so he said “Oh, all right,” and he gave me a pair of carpet slippers.

So for the rest of the film I stomped around looking extremely angry, very cross, with that dear little Carrie Fisher, as Grand Moff Tarkin in carpet slippers!