Samsung's "Full HD Camera"

Samsung's ad for their Galaxy S4, with the oh-so-exciting "Full HD camera". Full HD. That's 1920x1080. Does that beat the, apparently, first-or-second generation iPhone they show it next to? Probably. But in much the same way that people selling monitors have jumped on the Full HD bandwagon, I hate anyone hocking a camera with such INSANELY SHITTY RESOLUTION. Oh, HD is the Big Buzzword now, so we can now get away with selling inferior products for the same insane prices we used to, because we can claim it's "Full HD" and the average consumer will gobble it up. Want to buy a proper high-resolution monitor these days? Be prepared to pay enterprise-grade prices for the same consumer-grade hardware we should have been paying pennies for five years ago.

And now, they're using it to push the camera on their new phone. Does it have some nice software features? Sure. Should I be impressed by the resolution? No. No, I should not. And I'm even less impressed when you show your brand new phone side by side with your competitor's multi-year-deprecated model.

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