How long does it take to play a PS3 game?

Browsing the playstation store... found a game that looked amusing. Download the demo. In the background, so I can keep browsing. Oh, the download is done. Fantastic. Exit to the main menu. Select the game.

Installing... Because, on my video game console, when I download a video game, I may not want to actually install it, I may just want to keep the file around to take up disk space.

Time passes. Install complete... takes me back to the main menu.

Navigate to the game. Select the game.

You have to download an update for this game. That you just downloaded five minutes ago. Because we didn't bother to roll the update into the demo download. Because that would be silly.

So. NOT counting the download time, because I was able to use the console during that, I haven't even started playing the game yet and I've been at it for about seven minutes. For a demo. If there was ANY chance I was going to buy this game, it is gone.

This is probably why I've only ever bought one game on the Playstation store. And relatively few discs, for that matter.

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