400,000 Plastic Coffins

In the process of migrating my mail server, I've been tweaking the spam filter settings, starting with a high bar and slowly moving it down. When that bar was still very high, I received an email with the subject line "Is FEMA Storing 400,000+ PLASTIC COFFINS Near Atlanta?". Now, we'll ignore for the moment the fact that the 'video' they're linking to is at reliancehomeautomationsystems.com, but the email continues:

Is FEMA preparing for some unknown large-scale event?
This Horrifying Video Is One Everyone Should See! Watch Here.
Are 400,000+ PLASTIC COFFINS Being Stored Near Atlanta? Decide For Yourself.
Learn Useful Tips to Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Property.

Gee... no, why would they do that? Just because that's their job? To be prepared for unknown large-scale events?

I hope they are. Buy them ahead of time so you've got them, instead of having to pay through the nose to have them rush-made when you need them.

And not just in Atlanta, tho that's a good spot. Makes me wonder if it might'n't be the CDC, tho?

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